Fact: Hydraulic Fracturing is Safe and Protective of the Environment

Companies in Michigan have been using hydraulic fracturing to maximize oil and gas production for nearly 50 years. Approximately 12,000 wells have been fractured in that time, and fracturing has... more


Myth: Hydraulic Fracturing is a Threat to Water Supplies

NOT TRUE. When anyone - whether it is a soft drink bottling plant, an industrial company or a municipal water supplier - proposes to use a large amount of water, that proposal is entered into a... more


Myth: Hydraulic Fracturing Causes Water to Become Flammable

NOT TRUE. Where gas occurs in water wells, it is almost always from natural pockets of methane gas. Over time, gas seeps into the water well and is transmitted into the home. It has been... more


Myth: Hydraulic Fracturing Causes Earthquakes

NOT TRUE. However, there have been some instances where deep wells used for disposal of waste fluids from gas and oil development were associated with small earthquakes under specific conditions.... more

Latest News

Michigan Anti-Fracking Ballot Proposal Would Limit All Drilling, Michigan Capitol Confidential, July 31, 2015

EPA Fracking Study Ends the Hyperbole, Tom Shepstone, Natural Gas Now, June 6, 2015

EPA: Fracking doesn't harm drinking water, The Washington Times, June 4, 2015

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Proposed Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing Means Higher Home Heating Bills and Fewer Jobs for Michigan Residents

Permanently banning a safe method of exploring for natural gas that has been used over 12,000 times with no incident of harm to Michigan's environment or public health makes no sense. Sadly, there is an effort underway to do just that. The Michigan Chamber strongly opposes this initiative to ban hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" in Michigan. Learn more here.

What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

Hydraulic fracturing is a safe, proven and essential process for recovering natural gas and oil from reserves found deep below the earth and often in tight rock. Hydraulic fracturing is essential to the successful development of most oil and gas wells in Michigan. Many formations in Michigan have low permeability and could not produce economically viable volumes of natural...

Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

Natural gas is a critical component of America's energy supply, economic health and national security. Integral to the Michigan's state economy, the safe and responsible development of natural gas not only delivers clean, homegrown, abundant and affordable energy, but also provides good-paying jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for communities nationwide....

What Others Are Saying

“Natural gas actually burns cleaner than some other fossil fuels... It’s an ideal energy source that we potentially could use for the next 100 years...So I want to encourage natural gas production...There are a lot of folks right now who are engaging in hydraulic fracturing who are doing it safely.”  

-- President Barack Obama


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